General Questions

Why Let-Sub and Swiping?+
Is Lets-Sub just for subletting?+
Is Lets-Sub safe and reliable?+
Where is Lets-Sub available? Is it only in a specific city?+
Why are there no sublets or listings around my area?+
How can you help us grow?+
Is Lets-Sub Available via Web or Android?+
How does Lets-Sub make money? +

Questions about Listings

Who can submit a listing?+
Can anyone see my address?+
Can I list more than one sublet? +
Can I share my listing on Facebook?+

How do I manage my sublet listings?+
How do I delete my listings if I found someone?+
How can I trust that sublets are real?+
How long will it take for my listing to be approved?+
When does my listing expire?+
Can I filter apartments by price?+

The Feed

What is the Feed?+
Does it automatically post for you?+
Who can post on the Feed?+

Fraud and Security

I'm being asked to do a wire transfer to pay a deposit- should I?+
Should I worry about any potential scams on Lets-Sub?+
Should I meet my potential Subletter or roommate in person and see the place beforehand?+
Should I give out personal contact information when messaging a Lets-Sub User?+
A Lets-Sub user is asking me to pay for apartment fees? Is this safe?+

Questions regarding Subletters

How can I make sure that users are real?+
How do I contact another user within the app?+
Can I report other users for inappropriate behavior?+
Why should I sign up using Facebook?+
How do I make changes to my profile?+
Why am I not getting any messages about my listings?+
Why didn't I receive a verification email after signup?+
I messaged someone but never heard back. What's up with that?+
I found a sublet, but turns out it doesn't allow sublets, what do I do?+
I found a subletter or a sublet. What now?+

Privacy and Equal Housing Policy

What is the Equal Housing Policy?+
Will you share my personal information with others?+