Hi! Welcome to Let's Sub, your personal platform for finding sublets with a simple swipe. You can kind of think of us as a sort of "tinder" for subletting.

Thanks for stopping by as we continue to change and update the way people connect, post, swipe, find, message, and list their sublets. Let's Sub is all about making it as easy and painless as possible to find short-term and long-term sublets in your area. We here at Let's Sub understand the frustration of finding and filling sublets as things happen: people move, you get exciting new jobs, roommates bring a dog that your allergic to. I mean the world is a chaotic and confusing place, especially with the crazy real-estate market today. We therefore wanted to make the endless struggle of finding sublets, roommates or a aubletter as simple, fun and easy as possible without having to search high and low, rely on word of mouth, friends or pesky Craigslist and Facebook ads.

In Summary, Let's Sub acts as a hub dedicated to helping people connect, message, share interests, meet up and hopefully find the sublet, roommate or aubletter of your dreams (obviously make sure your apartment and landlord are aware and allow new tenants as Let's sub is not responsible or liable for breaking your lease so be sure to read your leases rules).

So what are you waiting for- start swiping! Let's Sub is here to help and constantly improving and expanding functionalities so stay tuned. If you need to contact us or have advice simply email support@letssub.com.