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Let's Sub aims to make it easier for those looking for subletters and roommates to connect with those looking for sublets and apartments. We understand how hard it is to find apartments in the city with the endless listings and facebook posts, and we also understand that life is, well, life- people move, get new jobs, have bad fights with roommates, etc. So let us make it easier for you to connect with one another and change the way renting and subletting can be, maybe making it somewhat, dare I say, "fun".

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Free and Easy Room Listing - Posting a Sublet on Lets Sub is easy and free!

Explore Sublets and Profiles - see photos, descriptions, amenities and prices, no broker, no unneccessary fees

Simple Filtering and Swiping Capabilities - Say goodbye to browsing through hundreds or even thousands of listings. Let the Sublets and Subletters come to you, just enter your filters based on location, price, availability, amenities

Interactive Feed - See who and what is happening in the app from new searches to new sublet additions. Post what you need?

In-App Messaging - Easily chat and message one another within the app to coordinate the best time to discuss and meet up

So what are you waiting for? Start Swiping or Clicking to find the Sublet or Subletter of your dreams!

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